petek, 30. julij 2010

Long time no new blog post

OMG! It's been a while. But since the last blog entry...a lot things...lovely make me smile! :-)
New job, new life....and no time to create. Well, my mind has been working 100km/h, but actually not a lot came out of it.
Nevertheless, I have done a few b'day invitations, a few b'day cards, a wedding gift (a frame and a card) and a few pieces of wire jewellery.
Photos will be added later.

But I guess my time off is now over...I got inspired...and me not being me, if I wanted to try sometnig new. This time, scrapbooking and for the one and only son. I want to do a scrapbook dedicated to my son.

And for that (that's just my excuse) I went shopping! Since I really love Kristina Werner, I decided to shop at Two Peas in A bucket. Although I'm a bit worried about the customs...they will problably charge a lot for the package...and in the end I'll pay a LOT, but then again I'm not shopping there a lot, It's the first time.

Second thing...I got hung up on Tim Holtz's stuff. At home I got two of his distress inks, but it really didn't appeal to me. I use them but did'n really know what to do with them. Now that I did a bit of a research on scrapbooking, I got interested....resulting in "Jana went shopping" for Tim Holtz stuff.
Since Two Peas don't have a lot of TimHoltz's stuff, I went to The Glitter pot. My wallet is getting thiner. :-)

As I said I like trying new things, new technics...the only problem is that when I decide to try something new, I have to buy supply, although I have a bit at home.

I just hope everything will be here as soon as possible (from US and UK) so that my creativity and ideas will be still in my head.

I just have to mention, I really love blog and creations from Jana a.k.a. Preprosto bogastvo ( I got inspired at her blog. She's also having classes, but have to check it out when.

Till next time...take care and keep smiling!

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