četrtek, 07. maj 2015

4 B'day

Some colours, some dots, a few pearls, a star and a sentiment!
and voila - a b'day card!

I found inspirations in these challenges:

petek, 01. maj 2015

Beads with style

My mojo is back.
Stamps, inks, flowers, sentiments and a lots of loveeee.
 Love is in the air and I guess also creativity!
Something new - Beads...I used them on these beauties. I got the inspiration from Ana K.
For the first two, I used a verse from our slovenian poet Tone Pavček. 
He is my favourite poet in the world. 

Drums....ta-da.....here are my cards!

The blue one.

                        The green one (sorry for the poor photos, lighting was bad).

                                                                      The orange one.

                    The violet one.

The violet one for a few challenges: