torek, 19. oktober 2010

TH inspiration

Here are the photos I promised. Invitations for the retirement party of a nurse (my mom :-). She asked me if I could do 35 invitations to her party. She said "nothing fancy", but when I showed her some of my ideas, she loved it. So here are some of these invites.
It's hard for me to do 35 of the same things, so each is different, but they all have the same theme "vintage, Tim Holtz, nurse style". :-)

sreda, 06. oktober 2010


Yesterday I got my order which has a lot of Tim Holtz's stuff. TH and Vintage stlye got me hooked. I love film strip ribbon and masks and other TH stuff. I had already got started with it...I have to do 35 invitations for a retirement party...and of course they are going to have a "vintage look". No picks yet. Let just say I have a lot of distressing and gluing to do. :-)

In the meantime, here is a photo od scrapbook made for a fanatic cyclist... :-)