sreda, 21. april 2010

Wedding jewellery and CRAFT-alnica blog challenge

OMG it's been a long time since I blogged.
But I have been bussy...beside visiting classes, I've been crafting, a lot.
I got back to my wire and pearls...and this is what I came out...

two wedding in "baby blue" and one in "dirty pink"....

Of course I also made two cads.
First is "the purse"

the second card is for the 3. marriage aniversary...
the flower is a magnet, so the couple could put the flower on the frige...

Anyway, I entered this card to a CRAFT-alnica blog challenge. The inspiration was a photo from Vladka (I love her work)...on the photo were two diferent flowers (yellow, white), latern with a candle, pen and an old book (I think). My associations were: memories, fun times long ago, happiness, love, family, warmth,....
and I think marriage is all that especialy with these two people.

3 komentarji:

  1. Krasen nakit si 'napletla' in ustvarila prav lušna izdelka iz papirja. Dobra ideja z magnetkom. Čestitka je preprosta, vesela, razgibana in zelo sveža s temi barvami in motivom rožic. Super da sodeluješ v izzivu.

  2. BojaMoja in Vladuška hvala! :-)

    (več slikc na Facebook-u pod Made by J.P.)