nedelja, 26. avgust 2012

Kids are adorable!

Love my kids! 
My boy is 4,5 and my little princess is 1,5 years old. I love them to bits and beyond.

And of course both of them want to help me, when my creativity wants to get out. Usually I do my creative things when they are asleep, but sometimes we all get around the table and we do our stuff  and get creative! I encourage them (well for now it is just my son)  to do their own birthday cards or some sort of pictures for family and friends.

This set of BD cards was made for their little cousine Enya. 
This card was made by my son and I let them do what he wanted and with whatever embelishments. This is what he came up with. In the center he used a stamp from Vladka and it says Happy birthday.

 This one is made by my daughter, of course with a little help from me. She decided what colour to use and where she wants to put embelishments. She put glue on paper and glued feather, buttons and flowers on. I helped her with sticking letters and with teh stamp (stamps by Vladka).

This one was made by me for a newborne baby girl. I used feathers and Vladka's stamps.

četrtek, 16. avgust 2012

30 STM meets Curiosity

it needs no explenation I love 30STM and I'm interested what Curiosity will find out out there on Mars!

Curiosity....I just love this word! ;-)