torek, 28. februar 2012

12 tags of 2012 by Tim Holtz

I'm a big TH fan and this year he is doing something new. No more 12 tags of Xmas but instead he is doing 12 tags of 2012. This means that each month he's going to present a new tag with his fantastic new ideas and technics. Love the idea although I'll miss xmas tags.
Anyway, this month is all about love (well it was....Valentine's day and stuff) so the tag is all about "amore".
Of course we all can participate with out projects. This year I didn't do a card or a tag but I altered a carton's not a tag but it's a project inspired by TH's tag. Love!

četrtek, 23. februar 2012

Round with a tool man

Round is the main theme in the Craftalnica challenge. RD (rojstni dan)..short for "round" of words.

sobota, 18. februar 2012

Feathers...more feathers

This set of BD's cards were inspired by feathers...